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The Pottery Studio

Closing business , celebrate with huge discounts sat 2/23/19 5-9pm 

The Earth Without Art Is Just 'Eh'

What Is The Pottery Studio?


A creative and relaxing space, 

perfect for celebrating any occasion: birthdays, reunions, girls-night-out, family time. 

  • We provide everything you need, including all materials and instructions. 
  • We cater to all ages. Painting pottery is great for kids parties (or on rainy days) and fun to do with your adult friends.
  • You are welcome to bring your own food and drink to complete your party gathering. Enjoy your coffee and snacks in the daytime and during evening hours adults can also bring wine.
  • This is your time and space to relax and enjoy friendships.

Pottery Studio Birthdays


A fun, easy, and unique way to celebrate. Our parties are fully staffed and facilitated to make the experience absolutely  entertaining for children, stress-free for parents. And we do all the clean up! 

  • The cost includes a ceramic piece, studio time, paints, supplies, glazing, and firing. 
  • We give the birthday child a free piggy bank 'bonus' piece. 
  • You're welcome to bring pizza and cake for your child's special day.

$22 per child

6 children minimum reservation required

We also cater to adult 

Birthday Parties with adult tastes.

Pottery To Go!


For all ages; we provide everything you 

need for a classroom project or other event.

  1. We provide the paints, brushes, sponges, palettes, printed instructions and bisqueware.
  2. Enjoy the projects and painting and then return the pieces to us when finished.
  3. We glaze and fire the artwork within 7 - 10 days.

Average Cost Per Piece

Minimum 20 people

  • $8 for 4 1/14 inch tiles
  • $10 for 6 inch tiles
  • $14 for vases or rice bowls
  • Studio fees are waived

Contact Us

The Pottery Studio

632 4th Street, Santa Rosa, California 95404

(707) 576-7102


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